After a series of failures, we came to Genesis- we entered as a couple, and left as parents


– Why? How did it happen again? Is it possible?! Always the same questions. And every time a growing fear, stronger pain.

Two insemination one after another – unsuccessful. Three in vitro fertilizations, one after another, only 9 months in between- unsuccessful. So many tears, anxiety, temptation between us, but hope that it will nevertheless happen – we just needed to get through all this.
Then we decided to change our clinic and doctor and we came in Genesis.

This is how Vesna and Đorđe Đuragić from Novi Sad began their Genesis story. A story that, having had similar experience, many other couples faced with infertility could sign. All those rough shifts of ups and downs, fears and hopes, fears and optimism. That wandering from door to door, looking for someone who will find the right path, while waiting for the results of tests to which we hold on to like a drowning man to a straw. And feeling that we are worthless and that there is something wrong with us overwhelms us without our control. And we becoming more and silent, as the number of opportunities before us reduces.

In these moments we desperately need someone to look at the problem from another angle, who will find options. Someone who will see them. Someone who will see us! And again, someone who will understand what we are going through.

– That’s what we got at the very first meeting with Dr Zorica Ilić Crnogorac. She was so positive, calm, and self-confident. We talked about everything we’ve been through, she checked all our findings, and made a plan for our fourth in vitro fertilization.

When everything around you is positive, it can only overwhelm you. All this her and her team’s enthusiasm, the impression that what we are going through is important to them. That we were important to them. For the first time we had the feeling that we were not alone. Another struggle of ours began, a struggle much more powerful, and the most determined up to that moment, Vesna said.

– When you have confidence in the team that will guide you through this process, it really means a lot. You feel that you are in safe hands, you’re among people who work with special motives. People who care about other people. When we realized that, we come to Genesis relaxed, smiling, and confident that we are on the right track. We knew they have excellent results in this area, but their relationship toward us was equally important in these moments. They knew all the details and each was important, Đorđe added.

– Stimulations, monitoring follicle, transfer … in the beginning everything was dynamic- Vesna recalls the details of the process-and then come those two well-known longest weeks of waiting and uncertainty. And all of a sudden silence, no daily visits to the hospital, no activities. But they were all the time there for us. They called, asked, and kept record how everything unfolds.

For Vesna and Đorđe 20 July 2015 was the most beautiful day of their lives. When they first saw the much desired “positive beta”, they found out that they managed, Vesna was pregnant! The Genesis team is always happy for their “couples” when it hears this news.
– At this point emotions are incredibly strong. The fact that you have finally managed seems amazing! And fear emerges immediately because you are wondering if everything will be all right now. In these moments we also had the support of the Genesis team. They stayed with us and had answer to every our question. Day after day passed by and finally the most important day came – the day when Tina entered our lives! – Vesna recalls with tears in her eyes.

She and Đorđe agree that they are manging very well as parents. Everyone in the family enthusiastically and joyfully embraced their new roles. Although this is a really beautiful and also the most demanding obligation, they enjoy every moment, watch her grow and they do not find anything difficult after everything they have gone through. Convulsions, first teeth, crawling, first steps, and those magical moments when your child calls you mom and dad for the first time!

– When we started this process, we really had the support of people close to us. Dr Crnogorac Ilić and her team are definitely among them. Whenever we went to her office she was smiling, kind, sincere interested, and this positive attitude is indispensable in those moments. And we supported each other in every new challenge. We always said to each other, okay is- will happen. We just did not know when, Vesna says.

– Fears are a normal part of this, for a couple on many grounds, demanding process. It is important to believe and think positively, have understanding, patience, and love. Therefore, it is not at all the same who will get your confidence Vesna says and adds- we chose Genesis and now we regret that we had not done it before.

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