NACE test

NACE test

Do you want a prenatal test without pain, without risk to the health of your baby?

You just give your blood sample for analysis and get results within 5 days?

Non-invasive prenatal test NACE reveals chromosomal abnormalities in such a simple and safe way.
During pregnancy, the baby’s DNA circulates in the mother’s blood. This latest technology analyses maternal blood and gives us the ability to isolate the baby’s genetic material and determine its genetic health after 10 weeks.

SAFE it does not bear any risk for the baby or the mother
NON-INVASIVE NACE test requires only one tube of maternal blood
RELIABLE this method analyses chromosomal disorders with high precision, it detects Down’s syndrome with precision of 99.9%
FAST avoid waiting for long time for the results, you get them in 4 to 5 days

The most prestigious European genetic laboratory Igenomix from Spain chose Genesis to be the first in Southeast Europe to introduce these latest genetic tests and methods.

Make an appointment with a gynaecologist at hospital Genesis by calling 021 549 777
After consultation with the gynaecologist, you will be tested if this this proves necessary.
Then we will take a blood sample from your veins, and it is stored in special plastic tubes and sent to Spain to Igenomix laboratory for the necessary analysis.
Your gynaecologist will receives the results by e-mail within 5 days and sends them to you in a way you have previously agreed (orally, by telephone or e-mail).

If the result is positive, it is necessary to do the amniocentesis.
In this case, hospital Genesis will do this test free of charge!