“Genesis“ made our biggest dream come true – we became parents of twins, and now we are waiting for another boy

“Genesis“ made our biggest dream come true – we became parents of twins, and now we are waiting for another boy

Jelena Milovanovic from Loznica has been trying to become a mother for ten years. With her husband Milan she underwent numerous examinations and finally in 2016, after the process of in vitro fertilisation in the Specialized Gynecology Hospital Genesis, they became parents of the twins Veljko and Vojin at first attempt.

In June this year the boys celebrated their first birthday, and their parents were again visited by “storks“. In 2018, the Milovanovic family will get bigger with a new member, another boy. Jelena got pregnant naturally.

– We planned to have more children. Husband and I thought about visiting our dear doctor Crnogorac again, but storks took us by surprise. We were hoping for a girl, but it’s another boy. Never mind, we’ll catch that girl. We have frozen three embryos in Genesis, if we decide again to have in vitro fertilisation, Jelena says smiling, not hiding her happiness because of the great news.

Twins on credit

Before coming to Genesis, the Milovanovics went to numerous gynecologists and urologists who could not determine what was wrong.

In Valjevo Jelena had two unsuccessful inseminations, after which ensued in vitro fertilisation, which did not achieve the wanted result, either. They got tired, as they say, by a complicated procedure, which involves a lot of findings and paperwork, thus prolonging the entire process to even half a year.

Although they were entitled to another attempt covered by the state, after a recommendation of their friends who got twins in Genesis at first attempt, they addressed Dr Zorica Crnogorac for help. Since the Republic Health Insurance Fund did not have a contract with the private sector at that time, they took out an interest-free loan from Credit Agricole Bank.

Milan is, by the way, a free-lancer, he owns an IT office, Jelena is employed in an insurance company, but as many others in Serbia, they are struggling to pay for their living costs. The decision to take another loan was not easy because, they say, life is hard in Loznica, the profits are decreasing in the market, stores and small companies hardly survive. However, the parenting desire prevailed.  

–  Today it is not so easy to say that you got your baby “on credit“, it’s not a humane expression, but that’s how it is. We took out a loan through my father, because both of us have already had a loan. We are certainly not complaining because our biggest dream came true, Jelena remembers her struggle for offspring.

We had full trust in Genesis team

Jelena was overjoyed when she found out that they succeeded at first attempt, as she says, owing to the competence and great dedication of doctor Crnogorac and the whole Genesis team, who fulfilled their biggest dream in life – to become parents.

– We had full trust in our doctor, we knew exactly what she was doing at every moment and why, which is very important for the process itself, because when your mind is calm, it’s half of the job done.  The doctor thoroughly described and explained every step, so I now know the subject matter much better.

Friends who have conceiving problems call me and ask me about anything that is unclear to them and that they want to know.Sometimes I feel sorry that I did not study medicine, because it is wonderful to help someone get a child, Jelena points out and adds that at that moment there were six more couples with them in Genesis undergoing the process of IVF and they all succeeded at first attempt!

They had the follow-up examinations during the first trimester of the pregnancy in Genesis, while later they went to the health center in Loznica. They sent all reports to Dr Crnogorac and her team. Jelena had a premature birth, in the 36th week, but Veljko and Vojin developed fast and now they make them feel very happy.

– Vojin is restless and he needs someone’s attention all the time, he eats more, but is smaller because he consumes more energy, while Veljko is quite the opposite, he is calm, doesn’t make noise and can play alone for hours in his crib, the Milovanovics say with a smile.

Despite hard challenges, they believed in success. And they always returned to the way they were sure they had to go. Until they found the team they trusted. And who knew well the way they should go.

All information on consultations for the infertility treatments, one-day infertility diagnostics, as well as on avaliable dates and a complete procedure of in vitro fertilisation can be obtained by making a phone call +381 21 549 444, +381 21 549 777, by E-mail bolnica@genesis.rs or in person at the address Urosa Predica Street 4 in Novi Sad.

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