“You will certainly get the triplets“- and we did, at first attempt!

“You will certainly get the triplets“- and we did, at first attempt!

– We thought that everything would be easy, and getting the baby, too, but it wasn’t so. When in June 2013 we came to Genesis, we have been together for quite a long time, almost 18 years in a relationship and then 2 years in a marriage, and we didn’t want to wait any longer, Tasana Tomic from Sombor starts her story about their attempts to become parents.

– Our struggle, luckily, did not last long. Everything was finished in several months, thanks to good predictions of Dr Crnogorac and her great team, to whom we trusted without borders.

I had no bigger problems, while my husband’s spermogram was problematic, but Dr Crnogorac was convinced that IVF was the right solution for us, Tasana adds.

They accepted that option and started easily, step by step, towards the challenge they believed that would turn out right.

– During the process nothing was hard for us. We were so supported and encouraged in Genesis, and everyone was so positive, that we could only feel wonderful. It only made us more convinced that we were in the right place and that we should not worry. I am always optimistic myself, but that meant a lot to me, Tomic says and adds that Tomislav was also relaxed and convinced,  seeing such a dedicated team, that he would leave the clinic wealthier.

– He supported me, took care of me, gave me hormonal balance therapy and was very patient. I was so proud of him. When we decided to go for it, the whole family was with us, our friends, and then Dr Crnogorac and her team. That basis is very important, that you know you are doing the right thing and that you are in good hands, Tasana concludes.

“You will certainly get triplets“ she remembers what they were told with a smile as soon as after the first examination. The beginning of Octobre was marked by hormonal stimulation, the end by aspiration and embryotransfer, three fertilised egg cells and the prediction was fulfilled.

“Triplets at first attempt”

– When the beta hcg result arrived (550), it felt amazing! I called my husband Tomislav right away and the head nurse Mira from Genesis. At first, I had no idea what such a high result could mean, therefore she encouraged me that we would certainly have more than one baby and was so happy for us!

That meant a lot to me, that it wasn’t only a job for them, they really took part in the lives of people who had confidence in them. I immediately made an appointment for ultrasound examination with our Dr Crnogorac so that she would be the first one to confirm the happy news and that’s how it was, we saw three babies and really rejoiced together!“

The Tomics chose Genesis as recommended by a doctor. Feeling lucky that from that moment everything went as Dr Crnogorac predicted, they wish if all couples, faced with a similar experience, could have such an easy way.

–We heard that Genesis has the best success rate.  Our decision was additionally reinforced by a urologist who followed Tomislav and was convinced that was the best place for us. As a joke, we often say that we “made the three-point shot“at first attempt. After such results, you somehow stay attached for ever for the team who contributed to it by their knowledge and dedication. What impressed us most was that they cared so much as we did, that we were only a number to them, Tasana points out.

After finding out that she was carrying three babies, Tasana says that she tried to behave as normal as possible. They also entrusted monitoring of the pregnancy to the experts from Genesis. And although before each examination she feared whether everything would be allright, after it she went out even happier.

– That was most important to me, that babies are healthy and that they stay with me as longer as possible. I was ready to endure anything, just for their sake. All from Genesis took great care of me, often called me, checking how I felt. I could call them any time of day or night, ask them for advice, they were all so considerate. I gave birth on June 12, 2014 by cesarian section in the 34 + 2 week. That feeling when Damjan, Milan and Bogdan came to world was amazing, unreal, Tasana remembers smiling through the tears.

Party without ending

Tomislav and Tasana say that they feel great in the role of parents, despite all challenges. The beginning was really tough, almost the whole family was involved in looking after children during the first year.

Changing diapers, feeding, lulling to sleep three boys  at the same time was often a heroic deed. It seemed that we were active the whole day and night, since we hardly had time to sleep.

– Damjan, Milan and Bogdan are now three years old and they are real imps! They are completely different and they all have their own ways to coax us, but we are handling it successully.

It makes us extremely happy to see the three of them holding their little hands, walking, talking about something important, although they are often fighting. They have their own crazy ideas like all other children, only times three, Tomislav says smiling about the role of the parent.

– We tell couples who have a problem not to waste their time, not to wait, but to react as fast as possible. And to be positive and entrust themselves to the experts who they believe, the Tomics say and add:

– We didn’t want to wait for a “miracle“ to happen. We are immensely grateful to Dr Crnogorac and her team who created three wonderful “miracles“ for us. We are grateful for such a nice approach they have to people. It is part of the reason that I recommend Genesis to everyone. After all we have been through together, they are our second family.

All additional information on the infertility treatment, on IVF process, as well as on available dates for medical consultations, can be obtained by making a phone call  +381 21 549 444, +381 21 549 777, +381 60 549 444 1 or by E-mail bolnica@genesis.rs.

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