Zrenjanin first introduced European criteria – IVF for women up to 45

Zrenjanin first introduced European criteria – IVF for women up to 45

In the process of in vitro fertilization time is the most precious, and it is often wasted on the procedures and waiting. Identifying these problems and finding ways to overcome them is valuable to the couples.
The city of Zrenjanin showed most understanding for these challenges and it was the first city in the region to introduce the European criteria and the age limit for women for in vitro fertilization was raised to 45, and thus the patients’ needs are taken care of, but without neglecting the limit safe for health.

The city of Zrenjanin allocated two million dinars for IVF procedures this year, and money will be provided to couples who want a second child. If necessary, some additional funds from the budget will be dedicated for this purpose.
However, the city did not limit the time period in which the procedure must be done from the moment the cash was paid to chosen clinic, but it enabled doctors and couples to choose the best moment to carry out the procedure. The goal of this decision is to choose a procedure that as successful as possible, and not as fast as possible.
Zrenjanin sets a good example when it comes to couples who are faced with the problem of male infertility. Although the National Program does provide this kind of support, couples living in this local self-government have the opportunity to undergo the process.

In order to apply for this type of financial help, the couple must submit an application to the clerk’s office of the City Administration of Zrenjanin and the couple must also submit the following documentation:

  • marriage certificate, or a statement certified by two witnesses that the couple live together
  • the Republic of Serbia citizenship certificate for both partners
  • the couple residence certificate and photocopies of identity cards
  • pro-forma invoice of the health institutions that will carry out the in vitro fertilization stating the amount of funds needed to cover the costs of the in vitro fertilization and the decision on registration of the institution in the register at the competent court
  • photocopies of medical records and laboratory results the Republic Expert Commission of the Ministry of Health requires when it comes to in vitro fertilization and assisted reproduction
  • certificate issued by the Republic Health Insurance Fund, branch in Zrenjanin, that the couple is not eligible for the in vitro fertilization program funded by the Republic Health Insurance Fund, in terms of the number of attempts of in vitro fertilization, the female partner’s age or gender.

Any additional information can be obtained in the Working Group for IVF program,
from Jelena Dragić by calling 064 811 66 79

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