PRIMO VISION SYSTEM- follow your baby’s development since the moment of conception

PRIMO VISION SYSTEM- follow your baby’s development since the moment of conception

For most parents the first moments of their baby’s conception have been insufficiently known so far, since they could not see the fetus before the 12th week. Today, thanks to Primo vision system, it is possible to follow the whole process of in vitro fertilisation from the very beginning.

It is the latest equipment that doctors all over the world consider revolutionary in this field, and it offers continuous imaging and process monitoring from the moment of fertilisation until the third or the fifth day of embryo development.

In our country, Primo vision system was first used by Specialized gynaecology hospital “Genesis“ Novi Sad.

–  It is a type of incubator equipped by a system of special cameras that record embryo development every ten minutes since the moment when the egg and sperm fuse, after which a computer connects those continuous photographies and creates a short film.

This way we can see all embryos at any moment, timely identify conceiving problems and with much more certainty select those which are really of the highest quality.

That, certainly, contributes to the increase of the success rate of the IVF procedure, and that is something we all strive to achieve, as Bsc Msc Balsz Balyi points out, an embryologist of the Specialized gynaecology hospital Genesis.

By combining PRIMO VISION system, PGS and PGD tests, in vitro fertilisation process results in the success rate up to 80%.


The importance of that method is, above all, that the embryo does not have to be moved from ideal conditions provided by this system.

– That has not been possible up to now, embryos had to be taken out in order to be inspected under the microscope. The procedure implied that an embryo sould be returned as sooner as possible, in order to ensure harmonised temperature and PH value and thus prevent it from being damaged.

In a psychological sense, it means a lot to many couples who are undergoing a process of in vitro fertilisation, because it enables them to follow embryo development at ecah moment from the very first day, Balyi explains.

More information no PRIMO VISION system can be obtained by making a phone call 021 549 777, 021 549 444 or by E-mail



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