Infertility diagnostics in one day – without pain, anaesthesia or additional costs

Infertility diagnostics in one day – without pain, anaesthesia or additional costs

You have been waiting for almost a year to hear the news that you would most like to hear. Or maybe several years. Attempts, hopes, without results and clear explanation. In both cases it is the time when it is necessary to perform quality diagnostics, that will show what possiblities are in front of you.

It gives an insight into the potential causes and precisely determines the selection of method. Each detail on that journey is important, because it can show that in vitro fertilisation might not be necessary and that some other method will sooner make your dreams come true. Everything depends on the analyses you are undergoing and the way they are interpreted.

Where the others see the end, we see the new beginning

Many problems are not unsolvable anymore. On the basis of our eleven-year experience and premium results in the field of infertility treatment, we created a package of examinatons which give us clear insight into the current situation and possible options. Those analyses can be performed in one day, without pain, anaesthesia and what is most important without additional expenditures.

Here is what that process includes:

  • spermiogram and spermioculture
  • sonohysterosalpingography, an ultrasound assessment of fallopian tubes passability. It is a painless procedure, which involves the injection of radiographic dye into the uterus, and is used for determining if the fallopian tubes are blocked.
  • Uterine anatomy diagnostics. Noninvasive, 3D and 4D ultrasound examinations can show data on the anatomical built, size and structure of the organs, as well as presence of possible pathological content in the small pelvis.
  • Consultations with a physician

It is necessary to bring the following findings for consultations:

  • Hormonal level findings that you have to perform on the third day of your period: FSH, LH, Estradiol, AMH, sTSH, ATPO, Prolactine
  • Smear findings: VS, PA, CB, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia Tr
  • Blood analysis, SE, urine
  • Insulin resistence

If you wish, you can do these analyses in our hospital, too, In that case, on the third day of your period, you should do hormonal analyses, blood sample analyses, urine and insuline (total of 18 analyses).

Afterwards, about the middle of your menstrual cycle, you should do the smears,  and then after the results arrive, you should plan one-day diagnostics and medical consultations, so that these are finished before your ovulation, because that is the period when sonohysterosalpingography should be done.

When all medical findings are obtained, your doctor revies them with you, analyses them and suggest a method- how to conceive a baby as fast as possible.

Genesis bolnica

Quality diagnostics is a basic precondition for efficient infertility treatment. It is foundation on which we build everyting else and it must be well established. Assessment and determination of causes is important to be entrusted to a professional and experienced team, because if such an important job is not done the way it should be, there are few chances that an entire process will result in success.

On the basis of the knowledge about potential infertility causes, Genesis team dedicated to your wish to become a parent, plans all other steps towards realisation of that aim. Diagnostics sets guidelines, on the basis of which a method is chosen, the way it shall be conducted, the time when it will be undertaken and the therapy that will follow it.

We are especially proud about the fact that in the Genesis hospital are used the most contemporary technologies, methods and genetic tests, as well as that we have been entrusted by the eminent world clinics, on the basis of our results achieved in the infertility field, to introduce them in our region. They all significantly improve the success rate of the treatment.

Regardless of male or female infertility, after one-day diagnostics it is the next step that we overcome together.

For us, each couple is unique. A new story. Owing to the original Genesis concept of personalized in vitro fertilisation, which from the first day of investigation and searching the best option for you, is focused directly on you, our clinic has been a leader in the infertility treatment for 11 years.

That process does not always end with in vitro fertilisation. Which method will be the best for you, can be exactly dermined by quality diagnostics.

All information about the price of one-day diagnostics package, as well as available dates for consultations cann be obtained by making a phone call +381 21 549 444, +381 549 777, by using viber +381 60 549 4441 or by E-mail


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